Screenprint has become the leading method of garment decoration in the fashion industry. It's versatility and constant innovations have allowed for some of the most significant and ingenious fashion trends throughout history. With every innovation and development, Logo Apparel strives to keep themselves on the cutting edge of each new technique and technological breakthrough. From basic Plastisol to High Density, Waterbase, Discharge and countless others, Logo Apparel can print whatever it takes to maximize your products appeal, and turn your vision into reality.

There are lit­erally thou­sands of unique appli­ca­tions and differ­ent print­ing techniques that can be used to enhance your final prod­uct. Here are a few examples of the var­ious pos­sible print­ing techniques we offer.

Logo Ap­par­el can embroi­der your logo on Hats, Po­los, Bags and nearly any item pos­sible. Con­temporary embroi­dery is stitched with a com­pu­t­erized embroi­dery ma­ch­ine us­ing pat­terns "dig­itized" with embroi­dery soft­ware. In ma­ch­ine embroi­dery, differ­ent types of "fills" add tex­ture and design to the fin­ished work.

As new innovations in embroidery technology have become available, Logo Apparel has them readily available to it's customers. Here are a few of the different techniques we offer.

Along with our Screenprint­ing and Embroi­dery capa­bilities, Logo Ap­par­el is also a promo­tional prod­uct dis­trib­utor and proud member of the Advertis­ing Specialty In­stitute. Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts are mem­o­rable and pro­vide a better cost per im­pres­sion for adver­tis­ers than almost ev­ery major mar­keting effort like TV, mag­a­zines and the Inter­net.


We are able to supply your company with every possible promotional product from over 3000 suppliers. Click below to take a look at our Promotional Products Line page.

Nothing stands out more than a completely customized item. Logo Apparel can create 100% original custom products for your line. Raw Edge, Slub, Over-Seam Printing, and Construction are just a few of the endless possibilities that can be achieved. Send us your requirements and let us put together your truly one-of-a-kind line.

From conception to completion, Logo Apparel can help your company fufull it's order every step of the way. In addition to all of our Manufacturing / Production capabilities we also offer: Shipping / Delivery, Fufillment, Finishing, Sourcing, Hang Tag, Label and many other services to make your product stand out above the rest.

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